ShortCut Productions

Festival participations and awards

Kusturica. Balkans BAd Boy, 2012 Bulgaria, 60 min.


The official programme of Sofia Film Fest – 2012.

A screening within the 65th edition of the Cannes Film Festival – 2012

Document. Art 2012, Romania – Best Documentary award

The official programme of Art Exhibition – 2012.

On the East Coast of Europe International Film Festival, Veliko Tarnovo – special selection.

The Golden Rhyton Bulgarian Documentary Film Festival, official selection – 2012

Autumn Contemporary Art Exhibition, Pomorie, 2012




The honorary award of the Mediamixx 2012 International Media Festival in Albena given for the contribution to the development of communication and business between the countries, for the project The Unknown.

Chinese Fairy Tales, 2013, Bulgaria, 23 min.


Spring Contemporary Art Exhibition, Pomorie, 2013


Marina Abramovich, 2013, Bulgaria, 22 min.


Spring Contemporary Art Exhibition, Pomorie, 2013


Of People and Magicians, 2013, Bulgaria, 23 min.


Varna Summer International Theatre Festival 2013 – parallel programme 


Epic of the Forgotten (featuring Marius Kurkinsi), 2013, Bulgaria, 23 min.


The official programme of the festival dedicated to the Bulgarian writer and poet Ivan Vazov (Vazovi Praznitsi), Sopot, 2013