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Movie show

On air since September 2015

TV channel: bTV Cinema

Frequency: Every Saturday, at 6 pm

Duration: 1 h

Format: “Just Like in The Movies” is the only show on Bulgarian TV dedicated to cinema. 

The show and its host have

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Queen: the legend goes on


The story behind one of the greatest bands of the XX century. How did Queen manage to sell over 350 million records and create songs that have become emblematic for several generations? What remains hidden

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Enrique Iglesias: Reloaded


One of the most desired bachelors in the show business invited a Bulgarian film crew in the legendary Criteria Studios, Miami, where Adel, ABBA, Bob Marley, Eric Clapton and other musical celebrities has also been

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John Lawton – rock&roll forever


John Lawton is a rock&roll singer with a specific and memorable voice. His music career starts in the late sixties and he is widely known for his work with bands such as Les Humphries Singers,

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Kevin Spacey – The Chameleon


He is a charming gentleman and the biggest psychopath at the same time. He is one of the greatest actors of our time. He is a chameleon – he alters his character on screen, as

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The Diamond Way: Hannah and Ole Nydahl


Who is Ole Nydahl and how did he discover buddhism? How did a Danish boy, who used to practice boxing and  fight at the bars of Copenhagen become a lama? Lama Ole Nydahl has spent

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